14 Oct 2015

City Arrow Interior & Decoration has the expertise to produce all interior CAD drawings in-house, detailing every interior architectural element that falls outside your architect’s scope.This means you will work with one design company for all your interior design requirements, eliminating any chance of design cross over – or worse, decisions falling through the gaps. This also means less time until project completion. You can be confident that you have a lead designer managing all of your interior design requirements with City Arrow Interior & Decoration.
By having the vital CAD resource at our fingertips we can detail all interior architectural elements such as kitchen and laundry design, built-in cabinetry, bathroom design and elevations showing architectural detailing and services.

For your builder, this means they have all the information they require prior to the work starting. This minimises the last minute or urgent questions on design details that would otherwise come up throughout the course of the project, ensuring the project runs smoothly.

Our Interior architecture team includes interior and graphic designers as well as licensed architects. Our service will take you from initial planning, to layouts, building permits and final design renders including full color elevations and 3d renderings. We offer both interior and storefront design, considering the total effect from outside the building as well as within. We also offer project management.

Working with all types of businesses and institutions, we listen, engage and immerse ourselves in our client’s culture, mission, values and objectives. We are dedicated to meeting our client’s business goals, while providing a unique and memorable experience, regardless of project size, scope or budget. We provide a personalized approach to the client-designer relationship resulting in a truly collaborative and unique experience for every customer.

We approach every project with a holistic design methodology blending branding, environmental design and graphic design for interior design solutions that are creative, environmentally progressive and leave a lasting impression.

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