14 Oct 2015

We understand you have been working with your architect over many months, fine tuning the design to get your plans to where you want them. Bringing your plans to us towards the end of the concept design stage and before they are lodged with council, ensures your spaces will be looked at with fresh eyes.

We ensure you are completely confident that they will work for the way you want live and that all spaces are thoughtfully considered, including how they will actually work when finished and furnished.

Our purpose is to add value to the design process, taking what has already been thoughtfully designed and suggesting ideas that will enhance the design, not to disrupt the work completed to date. In short we are always respectful of the work already completed by the architect and see our role as adding the final layer.

A plan review is the last opportunity to make crucial and final decisions that will affect the end result. It is far better to invest the time upfront to get the design 100% right than to be disappointed once it has been built. Our clients find this an extremely valuable exercise.

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