14 Oct 2015

We have invested heavily in our relationships with suppliers over many years so that you may receive the benefits. Through this network, we can offer our clients a number of benefits including preferential rates and advantageous discounts on products – all negotiated on your behalf. If required we can also handle all aspects of procurement and ensure timely delivery of services.

One of the first questions we ask you is your timeline for renovation or building project, as the timeline for specific works will determine the selection of fittings and finishes due to supplier leadtimes. Once we know this we then work backwards to ensure we select products to allow you a reasonable time to review and consider, confirm and finally, order.

We know you are busy, so as an added service we manage the ordering for you and coordinate the delivery of all products to site directly with your builder and in line with the building program. This reduces a considerable amount of time and stress for our clients.

Likewise, for furnishing requirements, we manage all orders, co-ordinate the delivery of all products and stage your home for your arrival – all you need to do is close the door behind you and start living.

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