22 Oct 2015

The City Arrow Interiors Decoration Project Management Team assume full responsibility from the minute approvals are provided by the landlord/governing authorities for all on site demolition and construction works, bespoke and off the shelf furniture installation, MEP Co-ordination and full handover of completed site to the client.

Our role with the construction team is to act as the clients representative, working with the contractors to ensure our deisgns are completed to the quality we expect, suggesting specialist, and visiting site during the project to monitor progress. All Projects are snagged for a quality finish looking after the clients interest. Many samples are produced for our approval enabling the products to be confirmed and matched with our specifications.

Upon completion of the construction work, final quality assurance inspections are made prior to commissioning and handover to the client. Then an overall turning over of the whole project is arranged with the client, including all facets of guarantees, warranties, maintenance, and contact person involved in the whole project.

From project identification to post completion phase we act in a fiduciary capacity,representing the Owner’s best interest on the project by dealing directly with the consultants and contractors. 

With a proud track record of successful developments across the building industry, City Arrow Interiors Decoration handles complexity on the client’s behalf. We offer clients the ability to focus on their daily business, while we manage a wide range of planning activities such as analysis, promotion, engagement, negotiation, decision-making as well as coordination and compliance.

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